Welcome to The Midnight Pumpkin, where you'll find fashion and accessories inspired by fairy tales, fantasy and cosplay.

Accessories fit for a queen


From sparkling diamond princess tiaras to crowns fit for a fairy queen,... 

Cosplay Accessories

Find what you need to compliment your cosplay with pointed elf ears... 

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    Each item is inspected before shipping to make sure it is in perfect condition & matches the description. We do not drop ship unseen product from other companies.

  • Honest Descriptions

    Please read descriptions before buying, because there may be things you miss just looking at photos. We take care to include important details.

  • About Midnight Pumpkin

    The Midnight Pumpkin Shop was created by Candy Keane, an avid cosplayer, digital content creator and owner of Three Muses Inspired Clothing.

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